Our mission is to partner with other NGOs, government institutions and stakeholders in Sports development through our events, tournaments and championships to engage the mind of the youth through enjoyable sports such as ours whereby their mind will be taken off vices such as drug, armed robbery and other forms of crime.

We have always looked to Football as the only source whereby we can find unity, but now that we have a new Sport that will complement our daily entertainment alongside other sports, this will be an additional unifying factor through our unique events designed for both the young and the old.

Our mission is to create at least 5,000 jobs across the Nation which this is our main focus.

With the mandate from the World Governing body of Strongest Man, our next task is to form Federations across West Africa making Nigeria the Umbrella body to oversee the other Federations in the region.

Finally we want to use our Sport Championships to raise funds for patients living with deadly diseases such as cancer and hole in the heart, kidney failure among others thereby helping to build a strong and healthy Nation Stronger than Sickness.

We ask you to join hands with us in any capacity you can to put a smile on someone's face somewhere who might need our help to stay strong.